St Francis of Assisi is the founder of III Order.  He was born in a wealthy family, but followed Jesus in poverty, humility, empathy, prayers, penance, trials and tribulations till his death.  He became a resemblance of Christ throughout his life.  He founded religious Order for clergies, religious nuns and III Order for laity.  Fr Montu Menzes was instrumental in establishing III Order in Valencia parish on January 1 1954.  It’s a great privilege its still thriving in its mission even now.

They hold meeting on every Monday of each month at old nursery at 4.30pm.  It has 35 members.  As some of its members are old and fragile, 20 – 25 members attend the meetings. Secular Franciscan Order aims to reflect on Holy Scripture, follow the virtues in real life.

Its members visit the sick at orphanages, old age homes, in houses, help the needy within their means, attend funeral service, take part in liturgical service on rota, and are their key tasks.  They trained 2 lay Eucharistic ministers who are now distributing Holy Communion to the faithful during the Masses at the parish.  They take active role in parish activities.  They diligently observe the Lent every year by Way of the Cross and meditation on Passions of the Cross. They get support from parish priest in this regard.   Their member Rita Menezes has become the vice president of parish council.  They plan to organize a camp for high school students and parishioner’s children.  They intend to spend at least a few hours in praise and worship in a month. 

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